[Online] UNHCR Charity Refugee Film Festival Raises Funds for Refugees

Why We Recommend it

This year’s UNHCR’s Charity Refugee Film Festival features three award-winning films that break stereotypes of refugees as victims, with proceeds going towards helping refugees displaced globally by war and persecution get through the coronavirus outbreak.


For this year’s World Refugee Day on June 20, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is launching its 13th Charity Refugee Film Festival with a series of online movie screenings for donors and supporters.

Proceeds from ticket sales will go towards refugees who have been displaced globally by war and persecution, and those who are facing additional challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Initiatives include building 300 tube wells for refugees and their host communities to provide clean drinking water and promote good hygiene, thus preventing the spread of the coronavirus in areas with weak health systems.

This year, three award-winning international films will be screened. All of them break
stereotypes of refugees as victims through frank portrayals of their hopes and dreams. Like everyone else, they just want to care for their families and improve their lives despite daily challenges and hardships.

Designed for families to join together, the Festival’s three selected films revolve around themes of family, children exploring the unknown world, and adult education.

To watch a film, donate HK$80 or above on the UNHCR’s designated websites, and you will be presented with an online film ticket via your registered email to watch your chosen film once. If you would like to obtain tickets for all three films in one go, you can visit the designated webpage and donate HK$240 or above to receive a special film festival pass.


When: 13 Jun 2020 - 21 Jun 2020 Where: Online