[Online] Puzzled Daydreams: Oil Paintings by Chris Huen Sin Kan

Why We Recommend it

An online exhibition of oil paintings by Hong Kong artist Chris Huen Sin-kan showcases work is imbued with both abstraction and the hallmarks of traditional Chinese ink painting.


Simon Lee Gallery presents Puzzled Daydreams, an online solo exhibition by Hong Kong-based artist Chris Huen Sin Kan. Bringing together new paintings and works on paper, this exhibition launches Simon Lee Gallery’s new Online Viewing Room.

Huen’s large-scale oil paintings are derived from observation of his own life, portraying everyday experiences through a fresh set of aesthetic techniques that bring the domestic and surreal into compelling partnership. The subjects of his paintings include his wife Haze, his two children, as well as his dogs Doodood, Balltsz and MuiMui.

His technique, imbued with both deft abstraction and the hallmarks of traditional Chinese ink painting, involves layering one dab of paint over another until the pattern on the canvas echoes the spirit of the scene.

To view the exhibition, please click on the website linked below.


When: 3 Apr 2020 - 2 May 2020 Where: Simon Lee Gallery [Online]