Digital Technology and Classic Woodprints Collide in Christian Marclay’s Exhibit “Screams”

Why We Recommend it

Christian Marlay’s first exhibit in Hong Kong will showcase a new series of expressive prints that show fragments of Manga characters screaming.


This new series of expressive prints from California-born artist Marlay are created through a combination of collage, digital technology and traditional printmaking techniques.

Fragments of screaming faces are cut out of comics and collaged into new, composite faces that take on a haunting, mask-like quality. These emotionally charged hybrid cartoon characters are part of a body of work inspired by Edvard Munch’s famous lithograph print The Scream.


When: 16 Nov 2017 - 13 Jan 2018 Where: White Cube – G/F + 1/F, 50 Connaught Road – Central