[Online] Chung Ying Theatre’s Betty Mak Talks About Her Artistic Journey

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In this series of pre-recorded talks, Chung Ying Theatre’s newly-appointed executive director Betty Mak shares insights about her life as an arts administrator and more.


The Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association (HKAAA) presents a talk by Betty Mak, the newly-appointed executive director of Chung Ying Theatre, one of Hong Kong’s best known theatre companies. This talk is part of HKAAA’s Meet the Arts Leaders series of talks.

After working at the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (ADC) for over 20 years, Ms. Betty Mak returns to where she began her journey as an art administrator – Chung Ying Theatre.

In this talk, Mak will share how she will bring her past experiences, including her days at the ADC and the Hong Kong Arts Centre, into her new role at Chung Ying Theatre. She will also share insights about her life as an arts administrator, her observations on changes in her career, and her future plans.

The talk will be conducted in Cantonese.

To watch the talk, visit HKAAA’s Facebook page from 21 to 23 April, 2020, where the pre-recorded talk will be uploaded.


When: 21 Apr 2020 - 23 Apr 2020 Where: Online