Circulating Vitality: Solo Exhibition of Liu Ke’s Abstract Art

Why We Recommend it

Liu Ke’s abstract art visually captures the phenomenological nature of energy flow in life with blocks of colours and stripes.


Liu (b. 1976) is pioneer of contemporary abstract art in Guangzhou, China. Graduating from The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (GAFA) in 2003 with a Master’s degree, he quickly took on vital roles in the art industry in the area. His commitment towards development of art in Guangzhou and even in China is significant in 3 aspects – art experiments, art space running and art education, and has become one of the key influences in the art industry.

Liu, believing in abstraction and simplicity, has worked with lines and shapes since 2012. His works have seen an evolution from meticulous structures to more simplified ones in recent years over a journey of tortuous exploration.

The forthcoming Circulating Vitality marks Liu’s debut solo exhibition in Hong Kong, illustrating the intrinsic relationship between visual elements and canvases, canvases and the world’s vitality through a contemporary approach of abstract art.


When: 19 Sep 2019 - 31 Oct 2019 Where: Lucie Chang Fine Arts, G/F – 26 Tai Ping Shan Street – Sheung Wan