Join Hong Kong’s Annual City Nature Challenge at Victoria Peak

Why We Recommend it

Led by Timothy Bonebrake and John Allcock, Associate Professor and Research Assistant in the School of Biological Sciences at HKU, this ‘urban field trip’ and competition for all ages encourages city dwellers to to observe and record the surprisingly rich biodiversity of Hong Kong.


The “City Nature Challenge” is a global competition that encourages everyone to keep their eyes and ears open to the richness of the environment in the midst of cities. Despite its urban landscape, Hong Kong has rich biodiversity, and the flora and fauna is not only found in the Country Parks. In 2018, Hong Kong participated in the City Nature Challenge for the first time with a very successful result. With 2,932 species recorded, the 4th highest species total out of the 68 cities participating. Hong Kong is ranked 7th in terms of the number of observers and 8th for the number of observations.

This year, Hong Kong is competing against more than 160 cities globally. Participating in this RGS event automatically signs you up for “Team Hong Kong”. Throughout the walk the team is going to be using a biodiversity app called ‘iNaturalist’ to record the various wild species observed along the path.  This app is being used to support the field of biodiversity science research on all continents, including Antarctica, with more than 8 million observations to date. All sightings made during the walk will contribute directly to the City Nature Challenge.

Please note that this experiential citizen-science event is for all ages along a route around Victoria Peak.  All fitness abilities are welcome as the route is mostly flat and easy to walk. To reserve places please email to


When: 27 Apr 2019 - 27 Apr 2019 Where: Victoria Peak