The City Nature Challenge 2018: An International Field Trip

Why We Recommend it

This ‘urban field trip’ and competition for all ages will encourage city dwellers to open their eyes to the surprisingly rich biodiversity of Hong Kong.


The “City Nature Challenge” is an event in which nearly 70 cities around the world will compete to document the world’s most interesting wild species, using the biodiversity app called ‘iNaturalist’.

The Hong Kong edition of the event will be organised by the Royal Geographic Society (RGS), and led by Dr Caroline Dingle, a Senior Lecturer in the School of Biological Sciences at HKU. She has been studying birds for more than 20 years, using a combination of field studies and genetic analysis to better understand the behaviour and evolution of different species. Together with other members from her department, Dr. Dingle is going to provide insight into the biodiversity of Hong Kong’s urban landscape and discuss some current conservation issues that affect the territory.

The tour starts Bowen Road walking trail and will end in Hong Kong Park in Admiralty.

Pre-payment (HK$150 for RGS Members, HK$250 for their guests) is required. Interested parties should contact to receive a form and joining instructions.




When: 29 Apr 2018 - 29 Apr 2018 Where: Bowen Road park – Central