City of Devils: Author and Historian Paul French holds forth on the glitzy lawlessness of 1930s Shanghai

Why We Recommend it

Well-known author and historian Paul French gives an account of the heady era that counts as one of, if not the most interesting period in Shanghai history.


Paul French has authored several books on Chinese history and contemporary Chinese society, including Midnight in PekingThe Old Shanghai, and Oil on Water: Tankers, Pirates and the Rise of China, and has written extensively on China for a number of publications.

In this talk, held by the Royal Geographic Society, French will describe a dazzling and fascinating chapter in Shanghai’s history, which he has most recently written about in his book City of Devils, published this year.


When: 12 Apr 2018 - 12 Apr 2018 Where: Function Room, Ladies' Recreation Club, 10 Peak Road – Mid Levels