Collections of Tom, Debbie and Harry: Uncovering the Stories and Significance of Keepsakes

Why We Recommend it

This exhibition shares the almost-forgotten experiences and memories of humdrum objects—that are normally neglected in museum contexts—kept by amateur or “outsider” collectors.


“My dearest: you had once said you had no collections of your own. And yet did you think of how you collected the newspapers you read every day, saying you would find some use for them some day, until one day you switched to reading news online? Or that wedding ring you locked up in the security deposit box: how long has it been since you last wore it?

Collections of Tom, Debbie and Harry began with workshops and interviews with a group of seniors citizens from several community organisations conducted by students from Lingnan University in Hong Kong. These brought to the fore collected objects that each carry stories and multi-faceted meanings for individuals, families, and future generations.

This exhibition in Tai Kwun further explores and rethinks the meaning of collections through the imagination, experiences and practices of seven local artists and groups. Collections of Tom, Debbie and Harry forges links between the present and the past, and responds to the diverse array of people, objects, events, and phenomena associated with these collections, excavating and broadening the significance of folk collecting.


When: 15 Sep 2018 - 4 Jan 2019 Where: Tai Kwun, JC Contemporary – 10 Hollywood Rd – Central