Connections: Exhibition on Urbanisation and Contemporary Society

Why We Recommend it

Over the Influence’s new group exhibition features new works by five artists that explore urbanisation and contemporary human conditions.


Over the Influence presents Connections, a group exhibition that explores urbanisation and contemporary human conditions, featuring new and iconic works by Liu Bolin, Taku Obata, Daisuke Tajima, and Alexandre Farto aka Vhils.

Works at the exhibition showcase how each artist approaches the connection between humans and the urban environment in their own unique way. From highly-detailed imaginary worlds in monochrome by Daisuke Tajima to hip-hop and breakdance-inspired life-sized sculptures by Taku Obata, works exhibited encourage our meditation on potential ways going forward as we reflect on the current state of our globalised economy.


When: 29 May 2020 - 2 Jul 2020 Where: Over the Influence – 159 Hollywood Road – Central