Crafts Interwoven: New Gallery Explores Local Traditional Crafts

Why We Recommend it

Crafts on Peel, a not-for-profit creative venue located in a historic walk-up, presents traditional craft techniques and stories to be preserved in the modern world.


For their inaugural exhibition Crafts Interwoven: Past and Present, Crafts on Peel has invited six contemporary artisans to collaborate with local traditional craftsmen to explore how traditional crafts and techniques can be reinterpreted and perpetuated in a contemporary artistic context.

Over the past year, artists Jinno Neko, Dylan Kwok, Lawrence Ting, Anthony So, Singchin Lo and Joey Leung have worked with a variety of traditional craftsmen. Cheung Foon focuses on bamboo framework crafting and papier-marché; Chan Lok Choi on birdcage crafting; Luk Shu-choi and Luk Keung-choi on copperware crafting; and Joseph Tso on Canton porcelain painting. Together, they present a collaborative series of unique handmade artefacts.

In conjunction with the collaborations, the exhibition features works by Canton porcelain painter Lam Duen Shan Ming and fashion designer Polly Ho.


When: 18 Jan 2020 - 16 May 2020 Where: Crafts on Peel – 11 Peel Street – Central