Aliens, Witches and Warlocks Oh My: Films of Occultism

Why We Recommend it

Disconcerting religious practices, sneaky alien activity and magical weirdness feature in Hong Kong Film Critics Society’s occult-themed festival.


Occultism covers a wide range of curious topics including aliens, religion and witchcraft. Critics’ Choice 2017 – Cinema of Occultism will screen six films selected by Hong Kong film critics. 

The eclectic programme opens with Stanley Kubrick’s famous science-fiction film 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), and includes Mothy Python’s cult classic Life of Brian (1979).

Cinema of Occultism also brings lesser-known movies back to the silver screen, such as Häxan (1922), a subversive Swedish-Danish documentary-style silent horror film, and Yeelen (1987), a Malian film about a young man with magical powers that won the Jury Prize at the 1987 Cannes Film Festival. 


When: 4 Nov 2017 - 21 Jan 2018 Where: Various, Hong Kong