In Search of New China: A Historical Retrospective

Why We Recommend it

Danny Yung (b. Shanghai, 1943), an experimental art pioneer and one of the most influential artists in Hong Kong who founded Zuni Icosahedron, puts together 40 years of his plays on experimental China.


In 1978, China reformed and opened up. In the same year, Yung also returned to Hong Kong from New York, kick starting an experimental Journey to the East. Starting from reading China through the Italian lenses of Marco Polo and Antonioni, Yung started to experiment the visual and audio structure of the Chinese language, the symbols of Chinese propaganda, the One Table Two Chairs installation common in traditional Chinese theatre, the content structure of Jingju and Kunqu, the debates among international Chinese cities.

This is a historical retrospective: Yung has invited his creative partners spanning his forty-year-career, from Jim Shum to Susie Au, Ellen Pau to John Wong, and Benny Woo to Steve Hui, in search of the new China of the past and of the future.


When: 23 Aug 2019 - 24 Aug 2019 Where: Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre – 10 Salisbury Road – Tsim Sha Tsui