[Online] New Works by British Artist David Kim Whittaker at Opera Gallery

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Opera Gallery unveils selected pieces of The Therapy and the Theatre, a new series of works by British transgender artist David Kim Whittaker on its official website and Instagram.


Featuring 35 never-seen-before artworks by British transgender artist David Kim Whittaker, The Therapy and the Theatre explores our vulnerabilities and the messiness of the world we live in, while reflecting a sense of transcendence, truth and hope through the disorder, ultimately offering a state of conflict and resolution.

This May, Opera Gallery will be showcasing selected pieces of the series on their official website and Instagram.

Four of Whittaker’s previous works including Cream Tea Pavilions, Eat on Day of Kill,
Quai Branly Head IV (Vintage Girl) and Quai Branly Head III (Jug Head) are also currently displayed in their gallery in Central.


When: 1 May 2020 - 31 May 2020 Where: Online