Behind the Veil: A Tour of Iran Today

Why We Recommend it

International Iran expert David Nissan asks how much is really known about Iran, as he unveils the illusions of this mysterious country under the current Islamic regime during a Royal Geographical Society evening talk.


The talk is arranged as a guided tour of Iran, beginning in Tehran, the cosmopolitan and in many ways modern capital city. It continues on to Iran’s exceptional cultural sites in the cities of Esfahan and Shiraz and others. He concludes with the magnificent Caspian Sea coast and the mountain roads back to Tehran.

Companioned with photographs, the audience is shown the fascinating cultural dimensions of a country and people with a glorious past. This in particular focuses on the fabulous Persian art, architecture, cuisine and history, and the current identity crisis of the Iranian people within today’s political context.

Nissan hails from Iran and is resident in Israel. With a background in Middle-Eastern Studies and in International Relations from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, he has become a major international Iran and Middle East expert. He served in the Israeli security establishment for more than 20 years, at both the Israel Defense Forces and the Ministry of Defense. He also spent several years as an Iran expert for Terrogence, Israel’s leading company for online intelligence. He has been interviewed on Israeli national radio and television, and has spoken numerous fundraising and cultural events in Israel and abroad.


When: 23 Oct 2019 - 23 Oct 2019 Where: Hill Dickinson, Suite 3205, Tower Two, Lippo Centre – 89 Queensway – Admiralty