From Classical to Jazz: Master Pianist Denis Matsuev Plays Gershwin and Others

Why We Recommend it

Piano virtuoso Denis Matsuev and his band will take the stage to perform an imaginative fusion of genres that transcends the usual boundaries between jazz and classical music.


“Jazz is my second passion. The ability to improvise is so important for me… I feel like I am born again during a concert.”

Denis Matsuev, one of Russia’s most prominent classical pianists, is also an ardent jazz player. Two days after his all-Tchaikovsky piano recital, Matsuev will perform an electrifying blend of genres with modern jazz rhythms in a programme which remains top secret to date.

Having listened to and freely improvised with jazz since his childhood, Matsuev’s riffs on Ellington and Gershwin reflect a veritable understanding of the genre’s language, fuelled by his virtuosity acquired through years of classical training.



When: 9 Mar 2019 - 9 Mar 2019 Where: Concert Hall, Hong Kong Cultural Centre – 10 Salisbury Road – Tsim Sha Tsui