DesignInspire 2018: Cutting-Edge Creations from Hong Kong and Beyond

Why We Recommend it

This free exhibition showcases an array of interactive installations, creative designs and award-winning projects by design talents from nine countries.


Held as part of the Business of Design Week in Hong Kong, the second edition of DesignInspire is organised under the theme “Co-create a Happy City”.

Featured at the exhibition is the “Urbanovation” pavilion, which showcases innovative designs and the latest technologies—such as robotics applications, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics) education and smart living—that help improve the quality of life in cities.

Another highlight is the DFA Awards 2018 Exhibition, a showcase of this year’s winning projects or portfolios dreamed up by emerging and established designers and companies to improve society.

Last but not least DesignInspire will play host to “Hong Kong Creative Force”, a pavilion that showcases local creativity and craftsmanship. This year’s highlights at the pavilion include traditional handcrafted creations by six local sifus, as well as miniatures (pictured) of Hong Kong’s festivals, historical architecture, fun street scenes, and more.

Zolima CityMag is a proud media partner to the event. 


When: 6 Dec 2018 - 8 Dec 2018 Where: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre – 1 Expo Dr – Wan Chai