Trial and Error: deTour 2018 Celebrates the Art of Failure

Why We Recommend it

The 10th edition of deTour, Hong Kong’s largest creative festival, features interactive installations and multi-sensorial experiences that encourage visitors to embrace failure.


A concurrent event of the Business of Design Week since 2004, deTour providing a platform for emerging talent and renowned creatives to put their creative ideas into practice. This year, the immersive festival hosts multifaceted installations, exhibitions and workshops along the theme of ‘Trial and Error’.

Highlights of the festival include six large-scale installations spread across PMQ, 11 exhibitions where visitors can see paintings in the making, and a racetrack designed by artists who aim for the participants to fail.

As a visual spectacle and mindblower, the site will display moving images as mesmerising as gigantic goldfish, and feature an innovative soundscape staging Shakespeare’s enduring play Othello. deTour will also play host to Design Dialogues and more than 30 workshops on handcrafting, art-making and upcycling.


When: 30 Nov 2018 - 9 Dec 2018 Where: PMQ – 35 Aberdeen Street – Central