‘Digital Zoo’ by Spanish Street Artist Okuda San Miguel

Why We Recommend it

Celebrated artist Okuda San Miguel’s upcoming solo exhibition will depict a wide variety of animals — including Asian wildlife as a tribute to his first exhibition in the region — in his signature geometric, colourful style.



“I believe the reason for Art, apart from breaking down boundaries amongst people, cultures and religions, is basically to make people feel.” – Okuda

In Hong Kong, Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel (b. 1980) is best known for transforming an ordinary residential building on Tai Nan Street, Sham Shui Po, into an artwork as a part of street art festival HKWalls in 2016. Okuda used the entire façade of the building to paint a dazzling geometric pattern that culminates in a trompe l’oeil portrait of a smiling dog.

Held at La Galerie Paris 1839, Okuda’s Digital Zoo show will feature artworks of animals that have been well-represented in sculpture and painting throughout his career, as well as Asian wildlife.

In his work, that could be categorised as ‘Pop Surrealism’, rainbow-coloured, geometric architectures blend with organic shapes. Okuda’s art often raises questions about existentialism, the universe, the infinite, the meaning of life, and the contradictions of the false freedom of capitalism, showing a conflict between modernity and our roots.


When: 22 Mar 2019 - 28 Apr 2019 Where: La Galerie Paris 1839 – G/F, 74 Hollywood Road – Central