Dismantling Convenient Illusions with Artist Kong Chun Hei

Why We Recommend it

Kong Chun Hei’s cool aesthetic draws in viewers forced to examine perceived realties in a multimedia series of works that zero in on the stresses of urbanised life.


Local artist Kong employs an array of mediums, including video art installations and ink drawing, to reflect upon his experience of living in a highly urbanised and media-rich environment. Like an architect, he makes use of industrial materials such as concrete, steel and glass – the very building blocks of our cities.

Kong’s work reflects his doubts about what we consider to be our reality. He bends and carves common materials right up to their breaking point, warps drawings out of shape and deforms TV screens. The objects we encounter make us feel safe and relaxed, but as Kong’s stress tests show, this feeling is just a convenient illusion.


When: 6 May 2017 - 3 Jun 2017 Where: Gallery Exit – Aberdeen