East Meets West: Maritime Silk Routes in the 13th – 18th Centuries

Why We Recommend it

Shipwrecks and other finds will be on display in this exhibition showcasing the history of community trade, religions, cultural exchange, historical and maritime archaeology of the maritime silk road.


The exhibition is divided into five sections, namely “Connecting the Globe”, “Mapping East and West”, “Economic Sea”, “Sunken Treasures” and “Maritime Civilisations”.

The show highlights commodities such as tea, medicine, spice, porcelain, silk, gold, silver and precious gems, as well as the latest shipwreck materials found in Guangdong and Hong Kong, including the Nanhai No. 1 and Nanao No. 1 shipwrecks, and the Song anchor stock excavated from Hong Kong waters.


When: 14 Aug 2018 - 11 Nov 2018 Where: Hong Kong Maritime Museum – Central Ferry Pier No. 8, Man Kwong Street – Central