Ephemeral: Five Local Artists Reflect on Vanishing Worlds

Why We Recommend it

Five emerging Hong Kong artists explore the theme “ephemeral” with works that touch on the changes sweeping through cities and life as we know it.


This varied group exhibit brings together paintings, sculptures and multimedia work from five up-and-coming Hong Kong artists.

Lau Yin Yeung strives to attain a sense of harmony in her works, harnessing yin and yang forces in paintings as a means of finding peace in the frenetic city.

Meanwhile, Lee Yik Long weaves fantasies into banal scenes, as Wong Chun Yam Leo explores memories of the city with delicate works out of glass.

Wong Man Yan Anita finds solace evocative, dreamy landscape pieces, where Tai Man Wai creates an poignant diary documenting traces of city life.


When: 15 Mar 2018 - 2 Jun 2018 Where: Artify Gallery – Kwun Yip Street, Siu Sai Wan – Chai Wan