Notes on the Future Depicts Hong Kong and Macau

Why We Recommend it

Macau artist Eric Fok’s paintings are showcased in his second solo exhibition at Karin Weber Gallery, where he attempts to envisage the future of Hong Kong and Macau.


In his second solo exhibition with Karin Weber Gallery, Macau artist Eric Fok attempts to envisage the future of Hong Kong and Macau, whilst retaining his strong engagement with previous favorite themes such as the Age of Exploration, colonisation and globalisation.

Each painting not only draws viewers into its details, often best appreciated through a magnifying glass, but also through the meticulously executed, authentic period architecture, the subject of intensive research and study. In this new body of work, Eric Fok has also refined his technique on painting on wood and is embracing this new medium – a total five pieces of wooden paneled works are the most he ever created for one exhibition.

Deeply rooted in colonial and local history, with an eye on the future simultaneously, Eric Fok’s ‘Notes On The Future’ act as a poignant reminder that in order to imagine the future, we need to fully engage with our past, however complex and difficult it may be.

Eric Fok (b.1990 Macau) lives and works in Macau. He completed his MFA at the Department of Fine Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts. His paintings are in the collections of the Museum of the Orient in Portugal, Macau Government Headquarters, the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macau SAR and MGM Cotai in Macau. Earlier this year, he was a finalist in the Sovereign Asian Art Prize.


When: 8 Nov 2019 - 7 Dec 2019 Where: Karin Weber Gallery – 20 Aberdeen Street – Central