Millennial’s Dilemma: Erik Parker’s Fun, Surreal and Critical Artworks

Why We Recommend it

This is a retrospective of renowned German artist Erik Parker, whose subversive and visually exciting works take jabs at hotly-debated issues such as media culture and climate change.


Presented by Hong Kong Contemporary Art Foundation, Millennial’s Dilemma showcases American artist Erik Parker’s 28 most representative artworks on paper and canvas, which he created from 1998 to 2018. These works document not only the various stages of Parker’s creative career, but also the social milieu that shapes his artistic language. His artworks are inspired by the likes of Francis Bacon, Henri Rousseau and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

The exhibition is named after Parker’s 2015 eponymous painting, which suggests the inclusion of elements from his series characterised by heads, still life, hieroglyphs and landscapes.

“In the world of information overload, my paintings record this endless amount of information over a long period of time,” Parker says of his oeuvre. “[…] These are my records of the human condition and how it is to be a human, a person, living right here in the moment.”

Millennial’s Dilemma also features two rare pieces by Pop Art artist KAWS, whose works draw upon art history and contemporary culture, and includes repeated use of a cast of figurative characters and motifs.


When: 15 Nov 2018 - 7 Dec 2018 Where: The Annex, 2/F, Nan Fung Centre – 173 Des Voeux Rd Central – Central