ESCAPE VELOCITY: New York Light Artist Leo Villareal

Why We Recommend it

This is the first Hong Kong show for New Mexico-born artist Villareal, who works with LED lights to create complex, rhythmic artworks.


Villareal (b. 1967) works with pixels and binary code to create rhythmic, non- repeating and random compositions in light. Firmly rooted in abstraction and the psychology of perception, his work is purposefully open-ended and ethereal, encouraging viewers to draw their own interpretations.

The exhibition features three large Cloud Drawings and an edition of small Cloud Drawings, and three new triptych works, similar to Villareal’s Signature of the Invisible. Composed on a square array of LED lights arranged in columns, each Cloud Drawing has its own unique, randomized sequence that evokes natural phenomena through abstract patterns and emergent, unexpected behaviors of monochromatic light.


When: 20 Jul 2018 - 7 Sep 2018 Where: Pace Gallery, 12/F, H Queen's – 80 Queen's Road – Central