Exit Strategies: An Artistic Escape from the City’s Confinements

Why We Recommend it

Ranging from installation, video, sculpture, photography and sound, Exit Strategies is a site-specific art experience that explores notions of psychological escapism experienced in response to the hustle and bustle of our city.


Utilising the public space of H Queen’s, Exit Strategies is an interactive art experience providing varying examples of psychological withdrawal, negation and delusion as forms of escapism from the frenzy of our everyday lives in Hong Kong. As audiences descend the building from the 17th floor to the ground floor, they are immersed in a transitory environment that involves stage phenomena of collapse, inversion, compression and delusion.

Works by both emerging and establish artists from Hong Kong will be showcased, including those by Chloë Cheuk, Silas Fong, Lee Kit, Linda Lai & the Floating Projects Collective, Map Office, Tsang Kin-Wah and Tamás Waliczky.

Image: ‘Lost Textures’ (2019) – Linda C.H. Lai & the Floating Projects Collective. 


When: 1 Mar 2019 - 1 Apr 2019 Where: H Queen's – 80 Queen's Road – Central