Extreme Treks for Extreme Photos: Documentary Screening and Conversation with Ryan Pyle

Why We Recommend it

Meet Canadian photographer and adventurer Ryan Pyle at Asia Society Hong Kong, and watch a documentary on his epic, human-powered adventure to the top of Mount Kailash.


Extreme Treks: Sacred Mountains–Mount Kailash follows Pyle’s conquering of Mount Kailash, where thousands make the pilgrimage every year, following a tradition going back more than a millennium. The capricious weather and high altitude make the journey perilous, but pilgrims of several religions believe that circumambulating Mount Kailash, at 6,638 meters (21,778 ft.) on foot is a holy ritual that will bring good fortune, and that the benefits are worth the risk. Pyle travelled with the Hindus and Buddhists, making his circumambulation in a clockwise direction.

The screening is followed by a conversation with the adventurer himself.

Ryan Pyle realised his lifelong dream as an adventurer to China on an exploratory mission after obtaining a degree in International Politics from the University of Toronto in 2001. In 2002 Ryan relocated to China became a regular contributor to the New York Times in 2004. He was listed by PDN Magazine as one of the 30 emerging photographers in the world in 2009.


When: 4 Apr 2019 - 4 Apr 2019 Where: Asia Society Hong Kong Center – 9 Justice Drive – Admiralty