Fear and Trembling: From Page to Play

Why We Recommend it

French artist Layla Metssitane turns the famous satirical fictional autobiography ‘Stupeur et tremblements’ (‘Fear and Trembling’) into a captivating one-woman show.


Penned by Belgian novelist Amélie Nothomb in 1999, Fear and Trembling follows the the comical cultural misunderstandings of a young Belgian woman named Amélie in Japan. Amélie, who spent the first five years of her life in Japan, returns to the country as a young adult, signing a one-year contract as a translator at the prestigious company Yumimoto. At this company she begins at the bottom of the corporate ladder and manages to descend even lower when Amélie unwittingly oversteps herself in the eyes her senior.

Nothomb’s novel was awarded the prestigious French literary prize Grand Prix du roman de l’Académie française in 2001.

Adapted, directed and interpreted for stage by actress Layla Metssitane, Fear and Trembling is organised a part of Le French May 2019.

Please note that the show is presented in French with English subtitles and is suitable for audiences aged 13 years and up. 


When: 12 Jun 2019 - 13 Jun 2019 Where: Underground Theatre, The Fringe Club – 2 Lower Albert Road – Central