Feline Resistance: Show for Artist Provocateur Kacey Wong’s One-Eyed Cat

Why We Recommend it

Zooming in on the inner life of his adopted cat, Ballball, Hong Kong artist-activist Kacey Wong’s whimsical multimedia show mixes ideas around animal psychology with socio-politics.


Wry Hong Kong architect-turned-artist Kacey Wong continues to challenge the status quo of his city and the art produced here.

One of the ways he does this is in finding new spaces to showcase works that go beyond galleries buoyed by commercial interests, bringing art into the public realm.

A regular fixture at protests, where he is often seen putting on performances decrying censorship, and a proponent for Hong Kong’s bid to hold fast to its own identity in the face of encroaching forces, Wong works tirelessly to engage the public with challenging, but, equally, fun art.

In this show, entitled In The Land Of The Blind, The One-Eyed Cat Is King, Wong draws inspiration from his one-eyed cat Ballball, featuring a selection of pieces, including video, sculpture and screen prints, that imaginatively express its rich inner life.

Through comics shared on social media, Ballball is often depicted in Wong’s work as a son figure to him. The dynamic set up between the two is one in which Wong is able to address concerns affecting everyday Hongkongers.

Housed in Ping Pong 129 Gintonería, the show provides a novel space to experience playful but important art.


When: 27 Jun 2018 - 1 Oct 2018 Where: Ping Pong 129 Gintonería – 129 Second St – Sai Ying Pun