Fire from the Sun: Belgian artist Michaël Borremans’ Dystopian Infants

Why We Recommend it

Inaugurating the new space at David Zwirner’s first Asia annex is a harrowing and mesmerizing exhibit showcasing oil paintings in which malevolent infants serve as metaphors for a dark future that might lie ahead for humanity.


The second gallery to open its doors in Hong Kong’s sleek new art building, H Queens, is that of art mogul David Zwirner, who has built an empire showcasing and selling provocative art at his branches in the US and London.

This affecting exhibit features a series of oil paintings, all from 2017, by Belgian painter Borremans, who depicts grim but elegantly realised scenes of bloodied, cannibalistic children. Among them are a few paintings of machines, which, juxtaposed alongside these visages of humanity raise questions the viewer is invited to ponder.

With sophisticated brushwork and control of mood, colour and composition, these Lord-of-the-Flies-esque scenes are an homage as much to the history of art, particularly the bold mastery of Goya, as they are hauntingly forward-looking.


When: 27 Jan 2018 - 10 Mar 2018 Where: David Zwirner – H Queen's, 80 Queens Road – Central