Flavours of Family Life: Lauded Comedy ‘The Big Meal’ to Hit The Hong Kong Stage

Why We Recommend it

The Big Meal is a comedy that captures many meals shared by five generations of a family throughout the years, chronicling their relationships, values, beliefs and more.


When family members of all generations meet for special meals, the highlight of these gatherings is the time spent together, while food is merely the ‘cherry on top’.

Penned by Award-winning playwright Dan LeFranc, The Big Meal is a fast-paced comedy that takes the audience onto a journey depicting different chapters of life through a series of 54 meals. The play chronicles the many flavours – from sweet to bitter, sour to spicy – of family relationships, and demonstrates how children takes on to certain degree personality traits of his/her parents, be they desirable or not.

The 26 characters, who are spread out over five different generations, are portrayed by eight Hong Kong actors. The fast pace of the piece alludes to how quickly life passes by and how changes could occur swiftly.

The original script is translated and slightly altered by the play’s director, Anthony Chan, to resonate more with Hong Kong audiences. The Big Meal will be performed in Cantonese with English and Chinese subtitles.


When: 15 May 2018 - 27 May 2018 Where: Hong Kong City Hall Theatre – 5 Edinburgh Place – Central