Following the Imagined: Tung Wing Hong’s Kinetic Sculptures

Why We Recommend it

Consisting of 5 sets of artworks combining elements of performances, moving image and mechanical motions, Following the Imaged is a poetic journey composed of seamless loops of videos and delicate motion of kinetic structures. 


Inspired by the idea of “moving image”, Hong Kong-based artist Tung Wing Hong’s video kinetic sculptures address the fundamental relationship between the concepts of “movement” and “image” in the exhibition presented by CL3, an innovative architecture and interior design firm founded by William Lim.

Where a photo captures a single moment of your past, a video us able to more vividly immerse you in a moment gone by. Through his artworks, Tung explores different ways to make images “move” and look further into how people perceive the change of time and space while reacting to a physical movement.

The works on show see Tung perform in front of his complex setting of cameras. Tung’s participation his own artwork—from planning camera movements and filming himself in his studio, to designing structures of his kinetic sculptures, and testing and installing them at the exhibition space—helped him understand and absorb every single movement in between his body, the moving image and the kinetic machines.

Tung is a visual artist, programmer, fabricator and mechanical designer. He has been honoured as the UOB Installation Artist of the Year and received the Gold Award in the Established Artist Category in the UOB Golden Garden Installation Art Award 2015.


When: 25 Mar 2019 - 26 Apr 2019 Where: CL3 Architects Limited, 15/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre – 2 Harbour Road – Wan Chai