Art Exhibition ‘Food Matters’ Gives Food For Thought

Why We Recommend it

Eight Asian artists explores matters pertaining to food and demonstrate why food matters not only to survival but to society’s culture and identity as well.


A white rabbit candy astronaut created to remind us of Mainland China’s contaminated milk, ice lollies made of Dongjiang River water, a porcelain pineapple bun that is made of china but isn’t China… these are just a few examples of the numerous creative and intriguing art works that are on show in the exhibition Food Matters.

In this exhibition held at Karin Weber Gallery, eight Asian artists—Luke Ching (b. 1972, Hong Kong), Eric Fok (b. 1990, Macau), Yat Wai Lau (b. 1985, China), Michelle Lee (b. 1983, Hong Kong), Wilson Shieh (b. 1970, Hong Kong), Ubatsat Sutta (b. 1980, Thailand), Daisuke Teshima (b.1977, Japan) and Chun Sing Tse (b. 1995, Hong Kong)—explore their complex relationship with food.

To these artists, food carries socio-political and economic values as the multi-billion-dollar food industry gives rise to issues ranging from food safety to capitalism, mythology as well as hegemonism.


When: 22 Nov 2018 - 12 Jan 2019 Where: Karin Weber Gallery – 20 Aberdeen Street – Central