Forgotten: Balinese Art at Sin Sin Fine Art

Why We Recommend it

Sin Sin Fine Art presents once-lost works from the diverse narratives of Balinese art through six artists’ personal points of view.


Sin Sin Fine Art presents Forgotten, an exhibition featuring the once-lost works of six Balinese artists from the collection of the gallery’s founder and director Sin Sin Man.

More than 17 years ago, Sin Sin inherited rolls of unknown artworks, hoping that one day someone will knock her door to reclaim the paintings. That never happened, so one rainy afternoon, she finally unrolled them.

Like traveling through time, the hidden gems from those unknown artists brought her back to 17 years ago when she started her gallery. It took a little research and asking around to trace back their creators and reconnect with them.

Now Sin Sin Fine Art is finally sharing the works of six Balinese artists who represent the diverse narratives of Balinese art through their unique personal lens. Among those Balinese artists, each one of them has developed their own visual language to communicate the interplay of their consciousness and the blended Indonesian culture and spirituality.

Part of the proceeds will go towards Happy Hearts Indonesia, supporting a project to build a new elementary school in Indonesia.


When: 21 Mar 2020 - 30 Apr 2020 Where: Sin Sin Fine Art – Unit 4A, 26 Wong Chuk Hang Road – Aberdeen