Frank Feminist Art: New Paintings and Photographs of Marilyn Minter

Why We Recommend it

The New York-based artist’s first show in Hong Kong will feature new photographs and paintings that continuing along her line of exposing the double standards influencing women’s identities in everyday depictions of women.


Minter (b. 1948) gained notoriety during the 1990s, at the height of what was known as “the culture wars” in the United States

Not surprisingly, Minter became a target on both sides of the divide—both for being provocative and for working outside of dominant feminist ideology at the time.

Minter continued her work, going on to develop her signature style of hyperrealistic paintings, eventually earning institutional recognition and art critical praise.

Minter’s process always begins with a photographic image shot by Minter that provides the model for the painting, and includes the careful application of many layers of translucent enamel paint on metal to create a depth of field. The resulting works are sensual, visceral paintings.

For the photographs in the exhibition, Minter uses a new dye-sublimation printing technology, where the image is printed directly on metal, resulting in a uniformity of vivid luminosity across her painted and photographed works.


When: 30 Aug 2018 - 27 Oct 2018 Where: Lehmann Maupin – Pedder Building, Pedder Street – Central