From Rails to Reels: Railway Adventures on the Big Screen

Why We Recommend it

This programme screens six classic movies that take place primarily on a train, including the iconic 1974 mystery film Murder on the Orient Express. 


 Carefully curated by six Hong Kong film critics, From Rails to Reels opens with Yamada Yoji’s When Spring Comes Late (1970), a classic work of the Japanese shomin-geki, a genre focused on common people. The film follows a poor miner’s family from Kyushu travelling by train across Japan in hopes of starting a new and better life in Hokkaido.

The programme also includes Lars von Trier’s 1991 art drama film Europa, and the 1974 screen adaptation of Agatha Christie’s famous detective novel Murder on the Orient Express, starring Lauren Bacall, Ingrid Bergman, and Sean Connery, among others.

All films are screened with both English and Chinese subtitles and are followed by free post-screening talks.


When: 7 Oct 2018 - 30 Dec 2018 Where: Various