Galaxy Express: A Multimedia Theatre Show For Families

Why We Recommend it

This imaginative theatre show, aimed at children aged three and up, tells the story of a boy who accidentally obtains a train ticket to the Milky Way.


This theatre show tells the story of an introverted, quiet little boy who loves stargazing. One night, he accidentally obtains a ticket to board the Galaxy Express, which is a train to the Milky Way.

The plot thickens when he gets robbed of his ticket before the day of departure, and he has to find another way to get on the Galaxy Express. The play is inspired by Night on the Galactic Railroad, a classic Japanese fantasy novel by Kenji Miyazawa written around 1927.

Produced by the Ming Ri Institute for Arts Education, The Galaxy Express creatively explores themes such as courage and the discovery of the true self.

Please note that the show will be performed in Cantonese without subtitles.


When: 18 Nov 2017 - 10 Dec 2017 Where: Various, Hong Kong