Gangsters of Hong Kong: Not Your Usual Triad Story

Why We Recommend it

Local award-winning scriptwriter Loong Man-hong’s triad drama breaks away from well-worn clichés, and explores unification tensions, law and order, and the power struggles between generations, locals and immigrants, and new and former hegemonies.


Gangsters of Hong Kong is set in Kiu Kiang Street in 1970s Sham Shui Po, which was a tough neighbourhood where law-abiding citizens and crooks lived cheek by jowl.

The play’s narrative follows three middle aged men: a reporter for a major newspaper, a long-serving policeman and a gang member, whose lives were once intertwined as youths. While their lives led them down separate paths, they are brought together again by a graduate student from mainland China who is conducting research for her thesis. As their oral histories unfold, an incident from the past resurfaces with unexpected consequences…

Directed by Lee Chun-chow and performed by a star-studded Hong Kong cast, this production, a part of the 47th Hong Kong Arts Festival, sheds light on fifty years of Hong Kong sub-cultures and the fortunes of triad gangs.

Please note that this Cantonese production will be supplemented with Chinese and English subtitles.


When: 8 Mar 2019 - 24 Mar 2019 Where: Hong Kong City Hall – 5 Edinburgh Place – Central