Going East, Again: Rasheed Araeen at Rossi & Rossi

Why We Recommend it

Rossi & Rossi presents Going East, Again, a solo exhibition of London-based artist Rasheed Araeen, who was recognised as the father of minimalist sculpture in 1960s Britain.


Rossi & Rossi presents Going East, Again, a solo exhibition of Rasheed Araeen, considered one of the foremost avant-garde artists of our time. The exhibition will act as a survey for Araeen’s complex practice, exhibiting works from his early portrait drawings to the minimalist sculptures for which he is known.

Trained in Pakistan as a civil engineer, Araeen took up painting and drawing whilst living in Karachi. The strict architectural geometries in the works of his formative years later fused with his early abstract investigations, resulting in what were to become the earliest minimalist sculptures created by an artist living in the United Kingdom.

Araeen has also distinguished himself as a pioneering writer and editor of dissenting and revisionist discourse on art history. Despite being well known for his minimalist geometric sculptures, Araeen’s oeuvre extends to performance, photography and painting.

From the 1970s to the 1990s, many of his works challenged Eurocentrism within the British art establishment, thus championing the role of minority artists, especially those of Asian, African and Caribbean descent.


When: 15 Feb 2020 - 31 May 2020 Where: Rossi & Rossi – 6 Yip Fat Street – Wong Chuk Hang