Golden Scene Selection: Cherry-Picked Contemporary Asian Films

Why We Recommend it

This programme screens three Asian quality movies that were released in 2017—The Great Buddha+, Tomorrow is Another Day and Shuttle Life—over the course of six days.


Co-presented by The Hong Kong Arts Centre and local film distributor Golden Scene, the Golden Scene selection is an ongoing initiative that presents quality films across genres, decades and geographies.

January’s programme consists of three acclaimed movies that were all produced and shot in Asia last year. These are as follows:

The Great Buddha+ (Taiwan, 2017) is an Award-winning film that tells the story of two friends, Pickle, a night security guard at a bronze statue factory, and Belly Button (Bamboo Chen), a recyclables collector. The duo watches the dash-camera footage of Pickle’s rich boss, Kevin, to kill time during particularly slow nights in the security room. Watching the promiscuous meetings Kevin has with various women, they witness something they never should have known about.

Tomorrow is Another Day (Hong Kong, 2017) tells the story of Mrs. Wong, who has chosen to silently endure her husband’s affair for the sake of their autistic son. After Mr. Wong’s mistress comes to disturb them and causes a fight, he leaves. Feeling at a loss and struggling to watch over her son by herself, Mrs. Wong begins to plot ways to take revenge against the mistress, but her plans get discovered by other housewives.

Shuttle Life (Malaysia, 2017) is a highly acclaimed, gritty neorealist drama about an impoverished family trying to cope with various hardships. At just 19 years old, Qiang already has to bear the burden of caring for both his mentally ill mother and his six-year-old sister while trying to make ends meet. One day, a motorcycle joyride with his sister ends in an accident that spirals into a series of tragic events.

All movies are subtitled in both English and Chinese.



When: 9 Jan 2018 - 14 Jan 2018 Where: Hong Kong Arts Centre Cinema – 2 Harbour Rd – Wan Chai