Group Exhibit on Family: What Has Been, Will Be Lost Until We Find It

Why We Recommend it

Bound together by the theme of adult children-parent relationships, this exhibit features work in multimedia of six Hong Kong art that interrogate intimate and complex familial ties.


Six Hong Kong artists examine their relationships with their parents by imagining or reconstructing a range of personal encounters.

What Has Been, Will Be Lost Until We Find It is a collection of works offering insights into the shared stories, anecdotes, songs and family traditions that make the bonds between two individuals completely unique.

Featured are intimate ceramic and paper works by Annie Wan that investigate how peculiar emotions that find their way into everyday experiences. A photo and video series of imaginative letters of Wai Kit Lam dabble with ideas around love, doubt and introspection.

Other works include that draw on similar themes on family and love include those of Bosco Law, June Ho,  Ivy Ma and Stacey Chan.


When: 14 Feb 2018 - 3 Apr 2018 Where: Karin Weber Gallery – 20 Aberdeen Street – Central