Harmony and Beauty Within Chaos: Wing Chan’s ‘Ubanmontage’

Why We Recommend it

Through his mesmerising photomontages, Graphic designer-turned-fine artist Wing Chan offers an engaging and disorientating window into city life.


Through his photography and clever photomontages, Wing Chan (b. 1962, Hong Kong) pays tribute to the many forms, shapes, colours and textures found in the urban landscape.

Held at f22 foto space, Chan’s solo exhibition Urbanmontage will feature two series of work.

The ‘Urban Tapestry’ series is a pictorial meditation on the mundanities of city life. By removing escalators, pedestrians, passengers, shopping malls, and subway platforms from their humdrum existence and assembling them into collages, Chan brings a sense of order to the chaos of the restless city.

His ‘Urban-Graphis’ series was created to urge the viewer to rethink their obliviousness to
often-overlooked staples in urban society. In these works, a single subject of interest,
found in an urban area, is interwoven with itself multiple times or positioned in such a way
as to become something completely alien unto itself.


When: 1 Mar 2019 - 30 Apr 2019 Where: f22 foto space – 5/F Amber Commercial Building, 70-74 Morrison Hill Road – Wan Chai