HKACT! Act 9: WYSIWYG Jeffrey Shaw Solo Exhibition

Why We Recommend it

WYSIWYG is used to describe Shaw’s contemporary media art in the sense of an experience gained from interactively exploring the artworks.


Shaw, who has focused throughout his career on pioneering “interactivity” and creating situations of viewer engagement, presents a selection of works from over 50 years of his practice in WYSIWYG at Osage. This is a rare opportunity to experience an overview and insight into the core technical, aesthetic and conceptual themes that have preoccupied Shaw’s creative research. Shaw’s practice also often involves the development of new types of optical/mechanical apparatus which are both platforms and expressions of the underlying aesthetic and conceptual aspirations of his work.

WYSIWYG presents milestone works that are hallmarks of Shaw’s singular achievements in the avantgarde of contemporary media art. In this fundamental aspect of Shaw’s oeuvre, their exposition is determined by what the viewer elicits from them in the course an exchange, and what one sees/perceives is what is performed/elucidated by each individual viewer/interactor.


When: 13 Nov 2019 - 21 Jun 2020 Where: Osage Gallery 4/F – 20 Hing Yip Street – Kwun Tong