HKForeword 2019: Introducing New Art From Hong Kong

Why We Recommend it

The 8th edition showcases a new chapter of local artists who, inspired by Hong Kong’s recent political turmoil, interpret their future through visual means to inspire thoughts and urge viewers to reflect on and confront the city’s future together.


Simultaneous to this opening, the city of Hong Kong has fallen into chaos. Protesters march the streets as they are shot with rubber bullets, smoked with tear gas and showered with pepper spray. A dark cloud of uncertainty of Hong Kong’s future looms bitterly overhead. However, before the precarious situation became a reality, a new class of graduates prepared their works for their graduation exhibitions full of the enthusiasm of another reality. Most were in high school during the last round of protests in 2014 that rocked the city and immobilised the centre of Hong Kong for several months. Yet the wounds that were opened in 2014 during the universal suffrage movement were not really addressed and festering resentment has now erupted into a force that cannot be ignored. A new group of artists has emerged from university onto this stage.

The 9 artists are selected: Meko Cheng, Lily Leung, Li Ning, Liao Jiaming, Lui Koon To, Kyle , Ticko, WaiWai, Jacky Wong, and Yim Kei Tung. They all graduated this year from the Academy of Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, School of Creative Media City University and Hong Kong Art School/RMIT.


When: 8 Aug 2019 - 30 Aug 2019 Where: 10 Chancery Lane Gallery – 10 Chancery Lane – Central