Swampland: Artist Ho Sin Tung Explores Life’s Uncertainties

Why We Recommend it

Hong Kong artist Ho Sin Tung’s exhibition Swampland explores life’s different uncertainties through her interpretation of swamps.


Neither entirely land nor water, fecund but untamed, swamps are unpredictable. Our fear of swamps is the fear of the unknown. Humans create systems and structures, invent technologies, appeal to higher powers, and philosophise existential questions all to give the world a sense of order and answers. But as the news would tell us every day, the world is as volatile as ever.

Swampland is the evocative title for a new exhibition by Hong Kong artist Ho Sin Tung that grapples with life’s different uncertainties through her interpretation of swamps.

Ho’s practice has always favoured meticulous drawings, often executed with a pencil, that depict her fantasies and emotions. This new body of work, however, features more objects and installations that engage its audience with greater participation.

Unlike many of her drawings in the past, which allow their audience to peer into her mind, the works in this exhibition encourage visitors to peer into their own and rethink their relationship with the world around them.



When: 9 Jan 2020 - 29 Feb 2020 Where: Hanart TZ Gallery – 12 Pedder Street – Central