Another Day: Hong Kong Artists Respond to Life Under Pandemic

Why We Recommend it

A group of 11 local artists present their works that respond to the unexpected impact of the pandemic on their individual lives.


Individuals have responded to the pandemic by adopting different modes of work, social interaction and thinking. Art is no different. In this exhibition at Contemporary by Angela Li, Another Day, 11 young Hong Kong artists have joined together to showcase their artworks that convey their individual response to life under the pandemic. The works included in this exhibition range from traditional media such as paintings and ceramics to more experimental art forms including multi-media and mechanic installations.

The local artists participating in this joint exhibition include Chan Wai-lap, Choy Kam Ming-zac, Michelle Fung Kuen-suet, Hung Keung, Lonely Lau Siu-chung, Joyce Lung Yuet-ching, Siu Wai-hang, Tse Chun-sing, Tom Chung-man, Tung Wing-hong and Samson Wong Pak-hang.


When: 9 Jul 2020 - 8 Aug 2020 Where: Contemporary by Angela Li – 248 Hollywood Road – Sheung Wan