Traversing Hong Kong’s Old and Unknown Corners: Dragonix Multi-Arts Festival

Why We Recommend it

Co-curated with cross-disciplinary artists from Hong Kong, Asia, and Europe, this festival spans  performing arts, installation, urban exploration, and informal talks on arts and artistic creation.


The Dragonix Multi-Arts Festival is taking the contemporary art experience to the theatre and beyond, traversing the city’s old and unknown corners, such as a mall, the harbourfront, a restaurant, virtual living spaces and the no-trespass zone at the Hong Kong Arts Centre.

The festival consists of twelve programmes in 4 series: ‘Theatre+Exhibition’, ‘Site-specific Performance’, ‘Thematic Walk’, and ‘Chill Chat’, and seeks to catalyse cross-media creation, foster human interaction, challenge and open up the senses, and reveal the dynamics between the arts and our day-to-day life in Hong Kong.


When: 29 Jun 2018 - 31 Jul 2018 Where: Various, Hong Kong