Hong Kong Asian Film Festival 2018

Why We Recommend it

Throughout the month of November, The Hong Kong Asian Film Festival (HKAFF) will screen the best of contemporary Asian cinema in venues throughout Hong Kong.


The 15th edition of The Hong Kong Asian Film Festival opens and closes with two new films respectively, all of them produced by local directors. One of the opening films is Traceya provocative character study that depicts the challenges that transgendered woman Tracey faces during her transition. The other opening film is  Still Human, in which a paralysed and depressed middle-aged man meets a Filipino domestic helper with a dream.

Closing the Festival will be Last Letter, a transcendent love story revolving around how three generations are connected through an exchange of letters. The other closing film is Fruit Chan‘s Three Husbands, an erotically-charged mythical tale about a mysterious girl with a strong libido.

Another local highlight is Napping Kid, a mystery film that examines the absurdities of financial systems and how technology has affected our ways of handling money. 

The HKAFF also showcases movies from Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and mainland China, and screens film programmes centred around different themes, such as a retrospective of the late Japanese actress Kiki Kirin, who passed away in September this year.

After the success of the dystopian Hong Kong film Ten Years (十年), The Ten Years International Project has spread its wings to Taiwan, Thailand and Japan, resulting in three new ‘Ten Years’ films addressing problems inherent to the respective countries.


When: 6 Nov 2018 - 25 Nov 2018 Where: Various