Hong Kong Band ‘The Lovesong’ Headline a Night of Local Indie Favourites

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After a five year hiatus, HK indie band ‘The Lovesong’ reunites for a night a Mom Livehouse, performing alongside a host of local acts.


Local band ‘The Lovesong’ will headline a show that features a range of acts to help ring out the year.

Among them are ‘Hakgwai’, a vocalist and erhu player of Buddhist metal band ‘Chock Ma’, alongside Joshua Wong (of acts Noughts and Exes and Whence He Came).

Music critic Yuen Chi Chung will be performing DJ duties for the night.


When: 27 Dec 2017 - 27 Dec 2017 Where: Mom Livehouse – B39 , 7 Seas Shopping Centre, 113-121 King's Road – Fortress Hill