A Look Inside Hong Kong’s Ceramic History

Why We Recommend it

Discover Hong Kong’s rich porcelain-making history in the 20th century through a showcase of exquisite porcelain designs, historical photos, manuscripts, hand-drawn designs, pigments and tools.


The porcelain industry is an integral part of the art, culture and history of Hong Kong. As an international trading port in the 20th century, Hong Kong developed unique painted porcelain known as Gangcai, which combines Chinese and Western cultural elements. Popular among both Chinese and Western communities, Gangcai represents the prime period of the painted porcelain industry in Hong Kong.

Co-curated by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and the Hong Kong Ceramics Research Society, Golden Splendours: 20th-Century Painted Porcelains of Hong Kong  offers an elucidating study of the development and characteristics of painted porcelain in Hong Kong and of its achievements as an industry.


When: 19 Dec 2018 - 18 Mar 2019 Where: 1/F, Thematic Galleries 3 & 4, Hong Kong Heritage Museum – 1 Man Lam Road – Sha Tin, Hong Kong